Facials & More

Weekend Beauty
My Signature Facial. A truly amazing experience that will help reverse the elements of aging. Designed to smooth and give glow to all skin types. Includes a skin analysis, deep cleansing and customized exfoliation. I will perform extractions (if needed), give a facial massage, and apply a targeted corrective mask. Your hands will be pampered with a massage along with guaranteed relaxation!

Purely Purified
Getting in and cleaning out those pores is what this facial is all about! Geared for anyone who suffers from congestion, blackheads or pustules. This deep cleansing facial includes extractions, enzymes and a corrective mask. I will also educate you and give you expert homecare advice.

Plump up the volume
Get the benefits of pure oxygen infused into the skin.  Oxygen plumps, firms, tones, brightens, improves texture and accelerates the rejuvenation process. Targeted to purify the skin of any bacteria and  impurities.  This amazing treatment involves cleansing, exfoliation and hydration to smooth and polish the skin.  This amazing facial ends with vitamins infused into the skin, which leaves you feeling refined, refreshed and glowing. This advanced treatment improves the overall health, appearance and vitality of the skin. Its like a workout for the face!
add a retinol Vitamin A peel on for $35

Forever Young
Retrain and re-educate those saggy muscles. A facial toning treatment that is geared towards a tighter and younger looking face.
Series of 3 – $230
Series of 10 – $750

Fight Back The Time (Microdermabrasion)
This unique anti-aging facial is geared towards smoothing, lightening, brightening and breaking down built up pigmentation. With the aid of fruits, herbs and acids, this facial will help to reduce the signs of aging and leave you feeling younger. Microderabrasion and LED light are used to increase the blood flow and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. This is surely a must have facial!!
Series of 3 – $345 (savings of $150)
Series of 6 – $740 (savings of $250)

Bringing Sexy Back
This facial is for your back! Don’t neglect it just because you cant see it!

Tahiti Express (July Facial)
This wonderful facial will incorporate the essence of exotic Hibiscus to gently exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin.  Through the power of flowers, I will stimulate an increase in cellular energy and collagen production, while protecting the skin with plant stem cells and natural anti-inflammatory ingredients.  *you may experience some mild shedding

Tuscany Express (August Facial)
The Tuscany Express treatment provides a stimulating exfoliation with the benefits of Italian herbs which promote healing and anti-inflammatory properties.  I will infuse the skin wit the age-reducing benefits of antioxidants, plant stem cells, and mandelic acid to renew and revive the skin from the effects of summertime fun! *you may experience some mild shedding

The Freshen Up
With the help of cutting edge esthetic equiptment, in just 30 minutes you will leave feeling fresh and vibrant! Through effective, yet gentle exfoliation using microdermabrasion and an ultrasonic spatula, you will have fresh, clean skin. Professional anti-aging and nutrients will then will be penetrated into the skin leaving you looking vibrant and ready to make it a great day!